Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

Are you a Microsoft Excel User, or do you use that daily? Here’s a quick reference guide to almost every thing that you use on day to day basis.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Description Key
Copy a cell Ctrl+C
Cut a cell Ctrl+X
paste a cell (as-is) Ctrl+V
paste a cell as value ctrl+alt+v , then v then enter OR alt+E+S , then v then enter OR press (right click button), usually between alt and ctrl on right side and then v
paste a cells as transpose ctrl+alt+v, then select transpose and enter
Selecting color of cell alt+h, then h, then use arrow keys to select color
selecting color of text alt+h, then F+C, then use arrow keys to select color
making a cell content bold ctrl+b
making a cell content italic ctrl+i
changing font of a cell alt+h+FF, then use up/down key to select font or press alt+down arrow to open dropdown menu
make content top aligned in a cell alt+h+AT
make content center aligned in a cell alt+h+AM
make content bottom aligned in a cell alt+h+AB
make content left aligned in a cell alt+h+AL
make content middle aligned in a cell alt+h+AC
make content right aligned in a cell alt+h+AR
increase font size by 1pt alt+h+FG
decrease font size by 1pt alt+h+FK
selecting border of a cell alt+h+b, then choose from drop down menu using arrow keys
Wrap Text toggle alt+h+w
Merge and Center alt+h+mc
Merge only alt+h+mm
Change Cell Type alt+h+n, then choose from drop down menu or write format.
adding a row Select row where you wish to insert, then press Ctrl+Shift+ “+”
adding a column Select column where you wish to insert, then press Ctrl+Shift+”+”
deleting a row Select row to be deleted, then press Ctrl+ “-“
deleting a column Select column to be deleted, then press Ctrl+ “-“
insert a pivot table alt+n+v
insert a pivot chart alt+n+SZ, then c
insert a picture alt+n+p
insert a bar chart alt+n+c
insert a pie chart alt+n+q
refresh sheets alt+a+r+a
insert data from text file alt+a+ft
sort data (A to Z or lowest to highest) alt+a+SA
sort data (Z to A or highest to lowest) alt+a+SA
Toggling filters alt+d+ff or alt+a+t or ctrl+shift+L
Text to columns alt+a+e
remove duplicates alt+a+m
roam between sheets ctrl+pagedown or ctrl+pageup
roam between workbooks ctrl+shift+tab or ctrl+tab