Webinar Series : Career Opportunities for Engineers

This page contains links to all webinars we conduct regarding career opportunities for Engineers in countries other than Pakistan.

Overview of the Webinars:

The basic aim of the webinar series is to provide students, graduates and professionals a comprehensive overview of career opportunities abroad. The Series started from USA, then went to Germany and then to Canada. Further, it will be followed by UK, Australia, Korea, Australia, China, Japan and other countries in future.

The event will cover the following areas:
1) Regional Information –> life style, cost of living, possibilities of permanent residency/nationality). 🌎
2) Road to study abroad (Masters/PhD) and direct job opportunities –> university selection, admission requirements, visa process(study/work). 🎓
3) Financing your studies and available scholarships. 💸
4) Career counselling –> life after studies, job opportunities and personal experiences of speakers
5) Q/A session 🙋

Target Audience: Undergraduate students, fresh graduates or experience professionals from Engineering background.

Session 1: Career Opportunities for Engineers in USA

Click here to access relevant material regarding USA

Session 2 : Career Opportunities for Engineers in Germany

Session 3: Career Opportunities for Engineers in Canada

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