Python Quick Review

Do you have an interview coming up? Or you just shifted from other programming languages to Python? Either way, the notebooks below can help you grasp concepts of Python quickly and give you a jump start in your career.

The software used in this tutorial is Jupyter Notebook which comes with Anaconda Package. You can access them here

You can also run these files online by uploading them on google drive and opening it with Google collab.

Let me know in comments if you face any issue installing jupyter notebook or need a step by step tutorial.

You can access the Python code and preview the code using links below:

Sr.Topics coveredPreview LinkDownload ipynb file
1Chapter 1 to 19Click Here to PreviewClick Here to Download
2Chapter 20 to 40Click Here to PreviewClick Here to Download
3Chapter 41 to 52Click Here to PreviewClick Here to Download

Topics Covered:

2Variables for Strings
3Variables for Numbers
4Math expressions: Familiar operators
5Variable Names Legal and Illegal
6Math expressions: Unfamiliar operators
7Math expressions: Eliminating ambiguity
8Concatenating text strings
9if statements
10Comparison operators
11else and elif statements
12Testing sets of conditions
13if statements nested
16Lists: Adding and changing elements
17Lists: Taking slices out of them
18Lists: Deleting and removing elements
19Lists: popping elements
21for loops
22for loops nested
23Getting information from the user and converting strings and numbers
24Changing case
25Dictionaries: What they are
26Dictionaries: How to code one
27Dictionaries: How to pick information out of them
28Dictionaries: The versatility of keys and values
29Dictionaries: Adding items
30Dictionaries: Removing and changing items
31Dictionaries: Looping through values
32Dictionaries: Looping through keys
33Dictionaries: Looping through key-value pairs
34Creating a list of dictionaries
35How to pick information out of a list of dictionaries
36How to append a new dictionary to a list of dictionaries
37Creating a dictionary that contains lists
38How to get information out of a list within a dictionary
39Creating a dictionary that contains a dictionary
40How to get information out of a dictionary within another dictionary
42Functions: Passing them information
43Functions: Passing information to them a different way
44Functions: Assigning a default value to a parameter
45Functions: Mixing positional and keyword arguments
46Functions: Dealing with an unknown number of arguments
47Functions: Passing information back from them
48Using functions as variables (which is what they really are)
49Functions: Local vs. global variables
50Functions within functions
51While loops
52While loops: Setting a flag

Other in this series are coming soon…

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